This is My Story

From an economic degree to a career in design in startups

Hey! I'm Peter

Economist turned designer, graduated with a Master's in Strategic Entrepreneurship & Innovation. Passionate about design and ready to take on challenges.


In a world where numbers once dominated my path, I discovered a profound passion for innovation, design and entrepreneurship.


๐Ÿ‘‹That's me

The Numbers Game: My journey began with a solid foundation in economics. While mastering the intricacies of markets and finance, I felt a growing desire for something beyond equations and charts.

A Spark of Insight: It was during my time at ReSkript that the spark ignited. As I delved into the world of startups, I uncovered hidden opportunities, realizing that startups had the power to turn ideas into tangible impact.

The Pivot: Armed with this new perspective, I pursued a Master's degree in Strategic Entrepreneurship & Innovation at King's College London. Here, I immersed myself in the realms of strategy, data, and project management, honing my skills to craft innovative solutions.

The Journey Continues: Today, I stand at the intersection of strategy and innovation, eager to embark on a odyssey. My mission is clear - to tackle complex challenges, provide insightful recommendations, and drive growth.

Design: My passion has always been centred around the creation of designs that resonate deeply with users. This enthusiasm is rooted in the belief that great design bridges the gap between functionality and aesthetic appeal, transforming user experiences. My approach focuses on intuitive, user-centric interfaces that amplify productivity and foster collaboration. I believe that companies focusing on design can drive global innovation, shaping solutions that are not only practical but also transformative, ultimately bettering people's lives worldwide.

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